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By doing business with Battitude Studio, you hereby agree to our terms of service.


  • You must be 18 or older to commission Battitude Studio.

  • You must provide us with suitable reference material to be considered for a commission slot (this excludes aristic liberty commissions).

  • The character provided must be owned by you. (Unless a gift)

  • Full costumes and bodysuits require a duct tape dummy (DTD) that is durable.


Due Dates:

  • We will assign you an approximate completion date, this date may likely change depending on life events and health.

  • We do not work under deadlines.

  • We do not accept rush fees.


  • We accept payments via PayPal, Square, and Zelle

  • You must pay a 30% down payment for materials (this will be non-refundable as soon as materials are purchased).

  • Payment plans may be discussed, however, if payments are continuously late you will be moved down a few spots in the queue.

  • If you can not make a payment, please communicate with us about it, if you fail to make payments and fail to communicate with us, we will refund the payments you have made and remove you from our queue.

  • We will not accept materials as payment or partial payment.


Our Queue:

  • We complete projects in a single file line, however, we may move people around when it is necessary

  • The queue is rarely moved around, but if so, it's due to searching for the right materials, missing DTD, missing shoes, incomplete payment or even construction brainstorming.

The building process: 

  • Costumes will not be started until project is paid-off completely.

  • Characters changes are OK! If you want to change your character, you must get the new design approved by us, just know that depending on the complexity of the change may result in an additional charge.

  • We will discuss and get approval on all materials used on your project. Swatches can be requested!

  • If you request a material change (fur, minky fabric, etc) and materials were already approved and purchased, we will require you to pay for the new desired materials and shipping of them.

  • We will send you work in progress pictures (WIP's) throughout the entirety of the building process, we expect all clientele to be vocal with changes they would like made to their costume at the appropriate times.



  • Shipping is a separate fee that will be calculated and paid for by the client at the time of the project's completion

  • All costumes will be shipped via USPS.

  • We will not ship your completed product until it is 100% paid off

  • We are not responsible for any loss damage of product that may occur during shipment.



  • Once you receive your fursuit, you will have a 3 month warranty, any mistakes that we made to the suit will be repaired for free, however, you must pay for shipping.

  • Our warranty doesn't cover refurbishments unless under unique circumstances.

Refund Policy:

  • Throughout the waiting period, we will honor a full refund until materials for your costume have been purchased.

  • If we have purchased materials for your costume, you are eligible for a 70% refund.

  • If your project is 10% complete, you are eligible for a 70% refund.

  • If your project is 10%- 70% complete, you are eligible for a 50% refund.

  • If the project is 75-100% complete, you are eligible for a 30% refund.

  • A refund will take between 1-3 weeks to fully process as we may need to fill your commission slot.

  • All refunds initiated by clientel will result in blacklisting.


  • We ask that you do not ask for work in progress pictures daily. If you haven't heard from us in a while please contact us, otherwise know we are working hard on completing many projects!

  • Contact us directly if you have any concerns about your project or project status.

  • Any kind of problematic behavior displayed by a client may result in a refund.

We Will Not:

  • Craft fursuits with "STP's".

  • Craft fursuits in another makers style.

  • Change our style for your project.

  • Craft costumes of characters that are licensed by a company (Pokemon, Digimon, Disney, etc.).

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