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  • How do I get a quote?
    Quotes open up around the time we open for commissions! Check in on our social media for updates on future openings!
  • Do you accept payment plans?
    We accept payment plans of 30% down with monthly payments (monthly payments may vary depending on the cost of your suit!)
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping will be calculated when your fursuit is completed and price will vary depending on a number of factors. In the U.S. shipping can be between $50-$200 depending on your costume, but as for international shipping expect to pay more due to increased fees and customs!
  • Can I commission you if I'm under 18?
    We only accept commissions from folks 18 and older.
  • I'm under 18, can I commission you with parent permission/guidance?
    No, most instances like these get complex unfortunately.
  • How much money should I save just in case I am picked?
    If you plan to pay in full, or almost in full, we recommend saving up a bit more than the base price amount of the commission type you’re interested in.
  • Do you take part commissions?
    Not really, sometimes on occassion we will open for commissions for paws, but not during our big commission openings.
  • Are you guys open to working on different/exotic animal species?
    Yes absolutely! We are willing to try almost any species!
  • Do you guys work around pets?
    We have no pets, however this will change in the future!
  • I need my suit by a certain date, can you do that?
    We currently have a no deadline policy to avoid stress and anxiety, however this may change in the future!
  • If I don't have a fullsuit or partial, but previously ordered from you, could I upgrade to a fullsuit or partial or buy individual parts?"
    Yes absolutely! Just shoot us a message, we'll let you know if we can take you or when we'll be able to squeeze you in!
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