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Fursuit Care

Battitude Studio Fursuit Care Guide

We recommend all Battitude suit owners read this guide thoroughly.

Frequent care is necessary to increase the longevity of your costume- to keep your suit looking new and smelling fresh!

Recommended Care Products

(link to everything)


Fursuit spray (link) or a DIY fursuit spray (link)
Folex Spot Cleaner
Detergent suitable for synthetic materials
Slicker brush
Metal comb*
Box fan
Drying rack*
Detergent for synthetic materials

Portable carpet spot cleaner*

* - isn’t a necessity, but highly recommended



We recommend disinfecting your fursuit frequently in between wears. You can disinfect your fursuit by spraying a fursuit spray (links above) directly onto and inside your fursuit, gently brushing areas with fur or minky fabrics and letting it sit to dry. Focus especially on areas that get really sweaty, like armpits, groin and feet. Allow parts to fully dry before storage or wear, putting a fan in front of the freshly sprayed parts will accelerate drying.

Important: Always avoid spraying fursuit spray in your fursuit’s eyes. 

General Cleaning

Frequency of general cleaning will depend on how often you fursuit and for how long, but as a general rule of thumb, it’s good to wash your fursuit parts after a convention weekend or after a few heavy wears.

Handpaws, Bodysuits and Tails are fully machine washable.
If your fursuit has special features, a lot of hand sewn features, or you’re unsure of how to wash specific parts, please feel free to reach out and we will instruct you on how to do so.

Fursuit Heads can be cleaned less frequently than other parts since they are the most delicate part of the costume. It’s important to exercise caution while washing heads, this is where we highly recommend investing in a portable carpet cleaner (linked above) . Using a portable carpet machine is the easiest way to thoroughly and gently deep clean your fursuit head. 

Important: Always avoid using hot water and heat in general on fursuit parts. It can permanently destroy the delicate plastic fibers on your fursuit.

Handpaws, Tails, and Bodysuits: 

Remove stuffing and or padding (if applicable) machine wash parts and padding COLD on delicate with detergent and spin dry. Brush parts out and let dry in an open and well ventilated area, preferably with a fan.

Heads (carpet cleaner):
To deep clean your fursuit head

Heads (hand wash):




Basic Repair

Overtime with wear and tear, fursuits will need basic repairs done to them to keep them in tip top shape. Small repairs for small popped seams or holes can be done easily at home. 


Fursuit First Aid Supplies

(link to supplies)

A pair of scissors

Some sewing needles
Upholstery thread

A few sewing clips or pins

A pin cushion, or an old stuffed animal (sorry little stuffie!)


Storage and Travel:


Store your fursuit in a sizable tote that can fit all of your fursuit parts comfortably.


Avoid using hot water to clean your suit
Avoid putting your suit in the drier (even if there are heat-free settings)
Avoid storing your costume in a dark place immediately after wear
Avoid storing your costume on a hanger for an extended period of time
Avoid leaving your costume in a hot garage or car for an extended period of time 

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