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Maintenance and repairs

Cleaning instructions



*The best way to wash your suit is by washing everything by hand
This will result in giving your suit a longer lifespan and preventing possible damage from machines.
*Machine wash parts if they NEED to be deep cleaned.
*Purchasing a fan is crucial for the cleaning process!*

Spot Cleaning

All Parts:

You will need: Folex/fursuit spray and a wash cloth!

We HIGHLY recommend using Folex for spot cleaning all parts.
Just spray the dirty area with Folex, gently scrub it a bit with your wash cloth, brush area, whipe down with a dry cloth and….
WHAM. Clean! No need to rinse!


Isopropyl alcohol mixture

You will need a spray bottle, Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and water!
Fill your spray bottle with about 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol 
Optional: Skin safe scent/essential oils


Spray the inside of your head (and mouth)  AVOIDING the eyes, then set in front of or on top of a fan and let dry overnight.

Handpaws, Feetpaws, Bodysuit:

Spray mist disinfectant inside each part, especially sweaty areas, let dry in front of a fan or in a well ventilated space.

Hand washing

Head and Feet: 

Fill up a tub or bath tub with cold soapy water, submerge parts completely, gently scrub and wring out parts several times, rinse, wring out parts, or throw them in the “spin cycle” of your washing machine, gently brush, hang to dry in a well lit and ventilated area, and gently brush again once dry.

Deep cleaning

Head and Feet:

Fill up tub or bath tub with cold water and gentle detergent, submerge head (AVOID getting the eyes wet!) and gently scrub areas that need it! Rinse the detergent out with water, then remove excess water from the head by gently squishing thick foam areas, (such as the muzzle, cheeks and ears). We try to make our heads durable, so don’t be afraid to do that step! Skipping that step can result in the possibility of mold growth in your head, and we don’t want that. Wring the water out the neck and back of the head, gently and thoroughly brush the entire head, then set on top of or in front of a fan to dry. Brush every few hours while drying, re position the head if it needs drying in other areas.

Handpaws, Tail, Bodysuit and Padding:

Machine Washing

Machine wash cold and on “delicate” with gentle detergent (many makers recommend Woolite), put parts through the “spin cycle” twice to get excess moisture out of them. Once out, gently brush damp parts, either hang to dry in a well lit and ventilated area or machine dry with NO HEAT (if your dryer has this option). Brush again once dry and store.


After washing, do not store your costume in a dark/enclosed area. Let all parts dry COMPLETELY before storing your suit away.
This goes for after suiting as well, the moisture from your sweat can make your suit moldy, let your fursuit dry before storing.

*Let your suit dry out before you store it away or it WILL get mildew!*A tote box is recommended for storage when suit is dry and not in use.

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